034 Motorsport

To add a balanced view having mentioned a few dodgy companies through my build experience (there are more but don’t want to sound like an old git just yet) I wanted to counter with companies who’ve really helped the YOB build develop.

034 motorsport is my favourite supplier of performance parts for the VAG platform. Although a few thousands miles away in California they provide a level of service that makes the distance seem insignificant. Developing many custom parts and creating some formidable beasts for the circuit, it adds that level of reassurance most companies cannot provide who just ‘shift-bits’.

Being across the pond; I was amazed how parts sometimes arrived next day from California to London. This is something most UK companies cannot achieve posting down the road. Not once was the order incorrect (I even had some free hydro lifters).

Due to the quality of service it came to the point that I would call 034 first to try and get a part instead of going straight to the company that actually manufactured the required component. The reason for this is not only the cost saving but mainly the impeccable customer service from Ken and colleagues. It just seemed a risk choosing anyone else!

So if anyone embarks on one of these builds (don’t do it lol) then the best thing you can do is call Ken at 034 Motorsport and be reassured that they give-a-shit about their customers.

Thanks guys :)


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