Carbon laquered

Bodykit developments, some used, some not

I have worked on and created some unique looking bodywork. Soon I will be adding the bodywork to the car. This will consist of:

Reiger Skirts which I put carbon fibre onto

workshop (1)


skirt5 (1)



skirt6 (1)

Standard rear end which I have smoothed. This took a long time to get right and still needs some more time to get the rear smooth enough.

rear-bumper (1)

bumper5 (1)


bumper6 (1)

bumper7 (2)

Front end is a custom mix of things which I will post up soon

Various bodywork items below worked on but not all will go on car. Bodywork can make or break a car and I we don’t want it to appear on barryboys :)


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