Ebay Seller essenbay

I’m hoping this gets sort satisfactorily, but I’m so astounded by this sellers lack of judgement…

I bought a lovely wood steering wheel from this buyer. I peach. I have been waiting patiently for over 2 weeks for it to arrive. I have been looking forward to adding it to my Chevrolet Astro van.

essenbay posted the steering wheel with the wheel boss as the advert says.

HOWEVER essenbay thought that posting a wooden steering wheel, loose!! in a cardboard box with a metal steering boss which weighs 333g (1/3 kilo) with no protective wrapping AT ALL was a good idea!

The results are that the beautiful steering wheel that you so patiently waited for, ends up looking like it has been rolled down the street and shot with a pellet gun.

I have no idea if this seller will refund me for his stupidity but I paid with import duty £165.35 for a ruined steering wheel and a steering boss which was superfluous.

I am making this post so I can give bad feedback to the seller and other ebayers can see the evidence to why this is the most fucking stupid ebay seller.

Plenty of damage to the wheel. In fact there is damage most of the way around.






What could have caused such damage?

Yes this extremely flimsy box was posted 4000 miles. See that very skinny foam sheet, that was on the steering wheel. See that very heavy steering boss? That was rattling around the very flimsy box all the way from America.




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