Interior panel trim

Feb 6th 2013

It is a job I have been putting off for a while but finally getting around to it. Having fitted the roll cage I had to cut trim. The trim being hollow just putting it back in place would’ve looked weird.

The internal quarters are being done in grey Alcantara and the boot in a black slightly padded Alcantara-type material. The boot previously only had the floor lined but now I am doing the side panels to match, removing the unneeded interior light and flaps. The Water Meth was always in the way in the boot and easily damaged.

I have now properly fitted in under the rollcage. The speakers will be relocated at a later date if-and-when I update the speaker setup. The exhaust and turbo soundtrack is addictive so no real need for the stereo :)

The fuel system is under the lid which you can see in one of the pictures. I air sealed this with rivets and a rubber seal which I soundproofed with Dynamat. The lid is held down by M6 grey anodised dome threads.


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