E3 YOB Ready

Project Details

I bought a 2002 Audi TT with 29000 miles on the clock back in 201o. I wanted to build a unique and powerful Audi TT so it was a good solid basis for my project. Looking back I should have bought a high miles TT as everything has been replaced and upgraded.

This website I have setup to detail the E3 YOB build. I have called the car ‘YOB’ as that’s what it is. It’s aggressive and thug and lives in E3.

The build thread of the car can be found on the TT FORUM. This is probably one of the most viewed and commented on build threads on the TT forum. I decided to stop updating the thread due to it now being 165 pages long. The architecture of the TT forum just doesn’t allow for collating information in an easy to navigate way so I decided to create a blog for the car.

So here it is, hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment on the site.