TTOC at Ultimate Dubs

Over the last few months is has been brought to my attention the manner in which the TTOC (TT Owners Club) is being run at the moment. In all honesty it has never really concerned me too much how the committee goes about managing the club. I’ve been hearing rumours around the TT forum of a dictatorship on par with North Korea! I don’t think the TTOC has a nuclear weapons programme, but from the reaction of the TTOC Ultimate Dubs stand 2013… they may as well have.

For the past few days people have been bickering about everything surrounding the TT Owners Club. Past and present feuds have resurfaced and words like ‘Twat’ and ‘Cock’ and now more common than ‘Inlet’ and ‘Wak Box’.

The rumours that I have been hearing, but chose to ignore, have be crystallised in this one image…


Ultimate Dubs is a VAG event for highly customised cars. It showcases the best of the modified circuit and the hard-graft of individuals and companies throughout the previous year. Below is some shots taken from Fran Mahoney’s facebook page…

There is some meticulous attention to detail on display and some real effort and ponies gone into each car.

Let’s again have a look what’s going on at the TTOC stand… :’(


Now the reasons why I felt so disgusted by the stand (apart from it being easily mistaken for a shot of Tesco car park) is that the majority of these ‘standard’ cars belong to TTOC committee and reps. Out of the 5 TTs on display, 2 are committee, 1 is a TTOC rep and the other 2 were unconfirmed.

TTOC members or even TT Forum members were not invited to suggest or partake in a process to get the best TTs on display. The same cars every year are put on event stands. Stands which TTOC members pay for signs, banners, literature and probably transport fuel costs so the same individuals can have a jolly good time!

So rumours of committee members being booted out, the club being in meltdown and committee members doing as they please – in spite of consensus, are confirmed by the sad state of that TTOC stand in that image. Such a pity that a once well thought of club is now the sorry laughing stock due to a few individuals.

On a lighter note (well for me anyway) Kaz had me in stitches with an image he posted. Many will think us childish but I couldn’t stop laughing at his post. I liked it so much I created my own. It might have been only Kaz and I in hysterics but what the hell, I love being childish :)

Kaz’s Image


My effort :)



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